Logo Design Tutorial

Logo Design Tutorial

Logo design is the process of creating a logo, which is the most important aspect of your brand. From arranging icons, shapes, text and color, a logo design creates a unique brand that connects the essence of your brand. Your logo design is the first impressions  of your brand identity.

Making a great logo is simple especially when you have the correct tools to use when designing. In this article we will show you how to make a great logo.

Before we start to design a logo we need to learn about colour theories, typography shapes and symbols. This is important as it will make the the process simpler.




When creating a logo, the first task should be to research and see what other companies or brands have created in terms of awareness and creativity. Look at the top company logos, see sources of inspiration. Observe when you are on the go, look at surroundings. Anything that you like can be the first step towards the perfect logo.

Your logo should be effective and unique. Keep it simple do not over complicate things as you will end up going in circles and wasting precious time. Remember the end product must always be easy to understand and clear.

Most designers like doing logo sketches, this may be interest of you, but if you are not a great free hand drawer then it can be difficult, however attempting to sketch a logo by hand can at times be inspiring.


Tips & Tricks

 Make your logo clean and simple by only using max two fonts.

Use standard fonts rather than the fancy fonts as keep in mind you’re looking for a professional unique touch.

You’re logo should be telling a story. A well crafted logo feature should identify a hidden and obvious story.

Keep elements spaced out. Do not cramp everything in one area.


Use a maximum of three colours. Colours that are easy on the eye.


Creating a logo with Design Studio Pro

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