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Assy Kay

Assy Kay


Starting An Online Business?

You have just landed in the right place. Starting an online business is the modern outreach these days as you have the potential to reach unlimited people from around the world. Nevertheless what skills you posses.

Learn How to Create a Website From Scratch

Develop Custom Design using WordPress CMS

Create Online Business Branding

Design Logo, Banners and Flyers

Optimize Your Online Business

seo marketing
Optimize online business

Develop Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization Skills.

You do not need any advanced technical knowledge or any programming skills, however the more you know the easier it will be.


What you should know, for example:  
How to use a computer/laptopYES

Basic knowledge of online presenceYES 
Minor coding skills NO
Be able to speak moderate EnglishYES 

Most common problem is coding, but not to worry we have you covered.

My online business started 4 years ago so i decided to bring my ideas to life and share the knowledge with you online so that you can to create a successful online business.

assy kay

Assy Kay will cover the following:

Business Branding

When you are starting a new venture the most important part is thinking of the business name and logo, it should send a clear message of the company is about. You will learn to create a branded logo from scratch.

Web Presence

Creating your first website. this can be for any business, if you already have a business such as Law firm, then you can still create a website for your business. We will go through the process 
specifically in depth.


We will cover all the tools needed such as Website Hosting, Domain Names and all the additional tools required to get you up and running. We have all the tools you need.


Once your website is ready and launched we will look at SEO strategies in contrast to marketing techniques required for social media marketing.

Final Stages

After a while you will start to receive traffic on your website. You want to convert them to sales so that you can earn a revenue,  nevertheless we will look at advertisements, affiliates services and products you can offer to your customers.

Softwares & Tools

All the web tools you will need. Learn to use them.

Help & Support

Get free support for your projects. We are all one family.

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